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System Features and Benefits

  • Innovative temperature, tension, weight and moisture sensors together with
    our precision designed micro-processor and control system will smooth out the
    entire automated process.

  • Reduce waste up to 90% in volume and weight. It only takes 12-16 hours to
    process 220 lbs of food waste to high quality soil amendments or compost.

  • No enzymes, chemicals, micro-organism, fresh water or other additives are

  • Simple and easy to use by any person in the kitchen. Hassle free!

  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel is used to make the machine.

  • Easy to clean and no rust to be worried. Heat and corrosion resistance.

  • Innovative deodorized process. Employed sealed processing system and
    patented technology to eliminate bad smell during  process.

  • Eliminate unpleasant odors and enables more pleasant surroundings.

  • Patented technology with strong pulverizing blades can turn hard bones and
    food garbage into compost in 12-16 hrs.

  • Save time in separate food waste from mixed hard bones and shells. This
    shredding process can reduce the whole processing time drastically.

  • Patented tension sensing technology to stop and reverse the pulverizing
    process when hard bones jam the blades. When blades are jammed, blades
    will stop and will turn to reverse gear to glide the bones out and then start
    the process again within 10-15 seconds.

  • Prevents jamming – minimizes machine down time and also lower the
    maintenance costs and avoid motor damaged.

  • Clean water will be discharged during process and is lawfully discharge to
    regular drainage system. No fresh water and sewage tank are needed for our
Ideal Users:

  • Food Service providers – School campus cafeterias, theme parks, hotels,
  • Cruise ships, stadiums, restaurants, and food courts
  • Food manufacturers and producers –  Chicken and duck ranches, animal farms,
    agricultural farms, dairy farms and can food processor
  • Livestock processing plants
  • Food retailers – Food wholesale stores, Supermarkets
Can process beef ribs, pork hocks, hard bones and any food garbage at the same time !!
Model FWD100
The Most Powerful and Speediest Food Waste Decomposer