Global Energy Resource has devoted most of the time and effort in developing
technology to turn food scraps, waste and other organic waste into rich soil,
organic fertilizer from the original source since 1991. We employ our patented
technology with strong pulverizing blades that can turn hard cow bones, pork bones
and chicken bones and food garbage into compost. Our system can be used in any
commercial and industrial kitchen, and can reduce waste volume and weight up to
90% in 12 ~ 16 hours and transform food waste into high quality compost. The
process of food waste on the spot saves transportation cost up to 90% and also
will reduce air and environmental pollution during transportation.
Our Mission
To innovate and produce products that help make the world a safer and healthier
place to live and at the same time either reduce or turn harmful by-products into
practical and renewable applications or products while being more energy efficient
and environmentally friendly.

  •    Reduce operational costs
  •    Save precious floor space
  •    Control solids inventory
Our Strategy

In order to continuously improve our products and make them available to the
world, GER.USA has actively collaborated with companies and investors from home
and abroad. We believe that sincere cooperative effort between organizations with
the same goal can produce a win-win strategy in coming up with better products.
We warmly welcome different firms and organizations worldwide to join and work
with us in utilizing our advanced technology and products in a joint effort to
resolve energy and waste issues that confronts our world
A Green Environment Solution Provide
Global Energy Resource
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